The journey continues – Studio visit with Max Hooper Schneider

Since his 2017 Art Journey, which took him to endangered coral reefs around the globe in search of what might come after our planet’s environmental collapse, the Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary artist Max Hooper Schneider has continued his restless investigation of the human and post-human condition. Scheider, whom Lynda Benglis has described as “a nineteenth-century man in the twenty-first century,” spends much of his time working in an outdoor studio near Santa Fe, New Mexico. His tools: an ax, a blowtorch, rusty wire. His materials: foraged sticks, scavenged bones, shards of clay, and whatever else the dry desert yields. His diversions: a treadmill for his daily eight-mile runs and an old radio blazing speed metal. This is where our crew found him in the anxious pandemic year of 2021, an apt setting for a post-apocalyptic artist attuned to the relentless rhythms of nature.