Indonesia: Indoor And Outdoor

We captured dance motion data from four dancers during our stay in Indonesia. They were renowned dancing actor Kebyar Duduk, Wayan Purwanto, who helped arrange for all indoor action capture and outdoor shootings, Legong dancer Ni Kadek Sudarmanti, Rangda dancer Made Sukadana, and warrior dancer Dewa Putu Selamat Raharja. The four sets of captured motion are highly representative of Indonesian dance traditions. The facial micro-expressions and action data of these dancers will be used in the final artwork I will create after the Art Jouney.

In addition, with the support of the Japan Foundation, we were also able to connect with PARCO in Tokyo, which lead us to invite kEnkEn, a celebrated young dancer from Tokyo, to join us in Bali Indonesia for data capturing. Not only did we finish the data collection of kEnkEn’s facial and body gestures, he also managed to stage a spontaneous dance battle with local dancers at the doorsteps of a temple in Bali. Such precious, meaningful moments will be reflected in the documentary on the production of this artwork.