Capturing Facial Expressions

We have encountered numerous technical difficulties as we got to this point. The creation of top-notch virtual and digital human and facial micro-expression is one of the greatest challenges we had. We spent several months conducting research globally for potential partners in this area. We set up many meetings to explore the feasibility of the plan. Finally, we decided to partner with facegood, from China, to work on the most technically- sophisticated aspects of the project. facegood possesses the most advanced patent technology in China to capture facial micro-expression. I invited facegood to join me in advancing my BMW Art Journey. Their technology is capable of capturing facial expressions and body actions on the spot. The digital capturing we did in Indonesia turned out to be highly professional. I am excited about seeing the fruits of the post production by facegood, in which virtual digital human renderings will be created with matching action data.

We captured dance motion data from four dancers during our stay in Indonesia. They were renowned dancing actor Kebyar Duduk, Wayan Purwanto, who helped arrange for all indoor action capture and outdoor shootings, Legong dancer Ni Kadek Sudarmanti, Rangda dancer Made Sukadana, and warrior dancer Dewa Putu Selamat Raharja. The four sets of captured motion are highly representative of Indonesian dance traditions. The facial micro-expressions and action data of these dancers will be used in the final artwork I will create after the Art Jouney.