Pietrasanta – Marble

Piazza Duomo in Pietrasanta
Pietrasanta Cathedral, made of Carrara marble

The small town of Pietrasanta has shaped the lives of artisans and artists who were seduced by the pristine quality of Carrara marble. For centuries, Pietrasanta has been populated by stone workshops. From Michelangelo to Henry Moore, artists from the world over have gathered in this tiny town. In the 70s, artists covered in marble dust hung out in the Michelangelo bar, a bohemian spot. Today, Pietrasanta is gentrified into a posh little town. Artisans and artists are forced to move elsewhere.

Plaster maquettes of Ding Dong Bat (1968) by Isamu Noguchi, Museo dei Bozzetti

The town is home to the only maquette museum in Italy that keeps original plaster maquettes from artists. They reveal a special relationship between artisans and artists. One of my favorite is from Isamu Noguchi, Ding Dong Bat (1968)